We are a community club based in the South Hampstead and St John’s Wood  area, London, teaching Judo and Wrestling (wrestling classes suspended until further notice) to both children and adults.

Our training philosophy is simple: we practice grappling arts, and everything we learn is tested with a resisting opponent in a competitive (yet cooperative and friendly) environment.

We are affiliated to the British Judo Association, UKBJJA, and the British Wrestling Association and the club is supported by the Tenants and Residents Association of the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate. We are lucky to have an outstanding and highly qualified professional Head Coach,  Glenn Spiers (a 5th dan, level 3 coach, also under the BJA) who also trains BJJ at Carlson Gracie London (holding a brown belt), as do some of us. We have a dedicated, skillful, and enthusiastic BJJ coach, Mabast Hussein (a Carlson Gracie purple belt), and a number of qualified level 1, DBS checked, coaching assistants. We are currently benefiting from a generous Sport England grant, which helps us keep our mat fees low and affordable. We take our community club role very seriously and are very involved with our club’s welfare matters.

 Our facilities

Our classes take place three times a week, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, in the beautiful Tenants Hall of  the Alexandra  and Ainsworth Estate, a unique, brutalist, Grade II* listed building. We are lucky to be endowed with excellent training facilities, consisting of an 8mx8m 50mm top quality Dollamur Flexiroll tatami finish mat, two Suples grappling dummies (called Rowley and Jams!), a climbing rope, and a large, 200mm, blue crash mat. Our mats are disinfected and steam cleaned every 4 sessions by our volunteers.

How we train


Training takes place in a safe and fun environment, and under the constant supervision of a highly qualified and enthusiastic instructor and, usually, one volunteer. Our classes are well attended and popular with both boys, girls, and adult beginners. We encourage all members to train in judo, BJJ, and wrestling! While the three sports differ in terms of technical detail, tactics, rule-sets, and even mind-sets, they are all hugely complementary. Most studies suggest that children under the age of 10 should not specialise in one single sport, but instead acquire a broad range of fine and gross motor skills, so join both our judo, wrestling, and BJJ classes!

The 5-7yo and 8-12yo judo groups are taught according to slightly different curricula. The little ones focus more on break-falls, games, ne-waza, sweeps, and reversals, with only basic tachi-waza techniques being taught. The 8-12yo group is expected to progressively develop the stand-up part of judo and bjj transitions so as to become well versed in both tachi-waza and ne-waza/bjj. Children do not learn submissions before the age of 12-13. Wrestling classes are taught as per the BWA structure: expect plenty of calisthenics, gymnastics, and body movement exercises, followed by technical drilling and friendly but meaningful wrestling bouts (needless to say under constant supervision).

Judo adults will benefit from a mix of bjj and judo, and while adult beginners mostly spar from a suwari-waza/kneeling position, more advanced players with decent ukemi are encouraged to start from a standing position in both bjj and, of course, judo and wrestling. We like to think of ground-fighting (regardless of ruleset) as one of our (many) strengths. Wrestling is taught to adults in a highly technical and structired way. This is not (just!) a fight club: we learn both by drilling (again and again) and by practicing what we’ve learned with resisting partners.

On Sunday mornings we run an 8-9 am open mat session. Open mat time offers a unique opportunity to meet with training partners in an unstructured session and practice aspects of one’s game that can sometimes remain unaddressed during regular sessions. Ne-waza transitions, a particular nagekomi or throw, no-gi grappling, ashi-garami, or ura nage/suplexes on our grappling dummies, or maybe revising a particular grading syllabus, ‘thatweirdthingthatJordanBurroughsdidinthesemifinals’, or maybe that bit more of calisthenics and stretching (with a cup of tea). Invariably our open mat offers an adrenaline rush that keeps you energised for the whole day.

We are a friendly club, and very much a London club, i.e. we are socially mixed and multicultural, informal and open, but also gritty and with a sense of purpose in what we do. If you are just visiting London for a few days and you’d like to train with us, just drop us an email at shinbudo.london@gmail.com – you will feel at home.

Acknowledgements – We would not be where we are (and will never get where we want to) without the support and help of the following bodies, institutions, and individuals: Glenn Spiers (who started a club with 4 kids and 9 old judo mats in 2014 and brought it up to its current strengths); Sportivate; Sport England; the Tenants and Residents Association of the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate; Calrson Gracie London; Sensei Tony Sweeney; Ian Thomas & family; the BJA; the BWA.