We are a not-for-profit community club. Our prices are among the lowest in London.

If you want to train with us you need to consider the following costs:

  1. Mat fee on a pay as you go basis: that is £4 kids and £5 for adults. Siblings training together pay £3 each. Visitors pay an extra £1. The first class is free.
  2. Club membership: this is mandatory after 4 classes. Please fill in our Regular Members Registration 2019 form and bring it with the appropriate membership fee (you can choose between the Standard fee (£15 kids and £20 adults); the Supporter fee (£20 kids and £25 adults); and the Sponsor fee(£25 kids and £35 adults). All types of membership attract exactly the same benefits. Those who pay more contribute to our club development fund allowing us to remain a well functioning and inclusive club.
  3. Insurance/Governing Body Membership – After your third class you will need to apply for Governing body membership which includes insurance –
    • In order to practice judo you will need to purchase a BJA judo license (do not forget to add our club code – 5079)
    • To practice SAMBO, you will need to download and fill in this Sambo license application form and send it, with a cheque, to the International Budo Federation (address and details on the form)
    • You will need a BWA license for wrestling (do not forget to select Shinbudo from the list of London clubs)
    •  And you will need to purchase a UKBJJA license for bjj (again, please select Shinbudo, from the list of clubs) .

Uniform – A judogi is an essential piece of equipment for judo training. It allows you to learn the grips, unbalancing, throws, and immobilisation techniques typical of judo (and Brazilian jiu jitsu). It also minimises the risk of skin rashes and infections, which in judo have a much lower incidence than in other grappling sports. Glenn, your judo instructor, can make sure you get a good quality judogi, of the correct size, for £25-30 (or £45-50 for an adult gi) which is typically what you would pay, or less, for the same product if purchased through the internet. For SAMBO, you should feel free to practice with a judogi and barefoot, or you can ask your coach to assist you with purchasing an official kurtka and sambo boots. For wrestling a pair of shorts and t-shirt are fine. No zips or buttons. We recommend the use of rashguards, spats, and wrestling boots. If you move on to competitive wrestling, you will need to use an approved singlet and wrestling boots in competition, and getting used to them in training is always a good idea. For BJJ you will need a BJJ gi (though a judogi is also fine if you are not planning to compete), and a rashguard (we also train no gi).


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