We are a not-for-profit community club.

Classes for members only cost £3 for children and £4 for adults, and we run our club on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis (no contracts or advance payments). Non-members pay £4 (children) £5 (seniors). Siblings training regularly can pay a reduced fee of £2,50 per class if they have a club membership card. Members of the emergency services (ambulance, police, and fire brigade) can train at the discounted rate of £3. Open mat attracts a £2 voluntary contribution.Your first class is free, and so is your second one if you bring a friend.

Wrestling W

Note: Between September 2016 and December 2017 girls training regularly in the sport of wrestling can train free of charge (but we expect an attendance rate of at least 75% of all classes, and a serious commitment).

Club Membership – Annual membership to our club costs £10 for those aged 12 and less, and £15 for 13yo+ and adults. Membership to our club is not mandatory, but it entitles you to reduced training fees, and discounts for seminars organised by our club. We use membership fees for club development purposes and to subsidize seminars. It lasts one calendar year. Please download, print, fill in, and bring the Regular Members Registration Form  to your next session.

Governing body membership – In order to practice judo or wrestling safely you will need to purchase either a BJA judo license (do not forget to add our club code – 5079) or a BWA license (do not forget to select Shinbudo from the list of London clubs)which are inclusive of public liability and personal accident insurance. We train our grappling arts seriously (and some of us competitively), so membership to the two governing bodies representing our sports is mandatory.

A Judogi is an essential piece of equipment for judo training. It allows you to learn the grips, unbalancing, throws, and immobilisation techniques typical of judo (and Brazilian jiu jitsu). It also minimises the risk of skin rashes and infections, which in judo have a much lower incidence than in other grappling sports. Glenn, your judo instructor, can make sure you get a good quality judogi, of the correct size, for £25-30 (or £45-50 for an adult gi) which is typically what you would pay, or less, for the same product if purchased through the internet.


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