The Hive - 86 Abbey Rd
The Hive – 86 Abbey Rd

January 2017 UPDATE: Unfortunately Camden Council has decided to rent out this building for a yearly rent of £24,000 – the cuts are leaving them no choice apparently. So it looks like we won’t be able to relocate here any time soon, unfortunately. Thank you all for your support. We will keep looking for other palatable venues. 

Please sign our petition to support us in our quest for our ‘Future Dojo’!

In June 2015 we launched a campaign for acquiring the use of a permanent and full-time training facility in London NW8, where our club is currently based. A full-time dojo would allow us to offer a wider range of grappling sports, beyond judo (that would remain our main passion!), and in particular to provide high-level tuition in wrestling, bjj, and possibly sambo. We would also offer specific Paralympic judo classes, always under the aegis of the BJA. The club would cater for other non-contact activities such yoga, pilates, and functional training, and act as a hub for the promotion of cultural activities revolving around the countries of origin of the sports we practice, primarily Japan and Brazil. It would remain a largely affordable and open community club, and any surpluses would be reinvested in the sports taught and for the benefit of the local community.

We have identified a suitable venue off Abbey Rd, NW8, known as ‘the Hive’, an unused (and rather derelict) building belonging to Camden Council, which was also designed by a famous Japanese architect, Mr Kisaboro Kawakami.  We have applied to Camden Council for a lease to redevelop the building and transform it into a full time dojo with a permanent sprung floor. Our proposals to Camden Council also suggested that a reconverted Hive could act as a hub for coordinating the various physical and wellness activities taking place in the adjacent MUGA and in the Park. We would endeavour to raise the funds needed to reconvert the Hive by means of a series of grant applications (possibly in partnership with Camden Council).

If you would like to know more about our plans please feel free to email us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank various institutions and bodies supporting us through our journey, first and foremost the BJA and the Alexandra and Ainsnworth TRA, and Camden Council for the consideration and helpfulness demonstrated so far (esp. the Sports and the Development Management Teams). Thank you.

Again, please sign our petition to support us in our quest for our ‘Future Dojo’! You can also follow our campaign on our social media Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!

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