Unlike many community sports clubs, we are lucky to benefit from two pros, Glenn Spiers and Eric Ciake, two outstanding coaches that teach and develop their respective sports on a full time and professional basis. 

Glenn, our head coach and judo sensei (left) and Eric, our wrestling coach (right)

Glenn Spiers, our Head Coach, is a 5th Dan judo instructor under the BJA, who teaches judo to kids and adults in some of the best clubs in London, places such as the Budokwai (the oldest judo club in the world outside Japan), Carlson Gracie London (where he also trains BJJ, holding a brown belt), and Imperial College Judo Club. Renowned for his excellent tuition, friendly and informal style (and strong ne-waza), he has a ton of experience in both teaching and competing, and he is also a BJA official. In a previous life, Glenn was a school English teacher for some 17 years!

Eric Ciake is our wrestling coach, as well as the coach of Team England and the BWA’s England Talent Pathway Lead. He is unquestionably one of the top wrestling instructors in the UK, and has amassed an array of accolades and titles both as a competitor and as an educator in the sport. As all top coaches, Eric is particularly insistent on fundamentals and strong technical foundations, but is also invariably capable of taking your wrestling to the next level. Eric is both a specialist (in freestyle wrestling) and a well-rounded grappler, with an unparalleled understanding of a wide range of wrestling styles.


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