We strive to be a well-rounded grappling club, exploring and learning grappling disciplines beyond the ones we practice on a regular basis. Watch this space for various ad hoc seminars and workshops.

Judo Seminar with current Judo World Bronze Medallist Nekoda Davis – Sat 24 March 2018, 2-4 pm

Beechtown Arts Council presents(1)

It is an honour to host a seminar with Nekoda Davis, one of the most talented elite judoka in world, and one of the best hopes for GB gold in Tokyo 2020. Nekoda is the current Commonwelath Games Gold Medallist (2014) and World Championship Bronze Medallist (2017), and these achievements would speak for themselves if Nekoda weren’t also a hugely talented coach, and one with an inspiring personal life trajectory. From her upbringing in a London council estate and community judo club very similar to ours (in Willesden, just a few miles from here, though eventually she moved to Ealing Judo Club and now trains at the National Judo Centre of Excellence, in Walsall) to the pinnacle of our sport, judo.

Nekoda will be sharing with us some of her craft in the competitive side of judo, including  her tokui waza (favourite judo technique) ouchi gari, that we’ve been studying recently. Thanks to a generous Sport England grant, our club is now moving to a new level of competitive judo and her teachings will be invaluable to assist us with our progress. This is really a unique opportunity, and certainly one not to be missed.

BJJ Seminar with current BJJ European Black Belt Champion Sarah Merriner – Sat 10 June 2017, 3-5 pm

Sarah Merriner Seminar

Sarah Merriner began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in June 2008, achieving the rank of black belt in December 2015. She is the first female promoted to the rank of black belt within the revered (and feared) Carlson Gracie Team in the UK and was previously the top ranked female Brown belt competitor in the UK (UKBJJA Rankings 2015). A two time IBJJF European Champion and three time NAGA European Expert division champion, Sarah has been teaching classes in London and Essex for over 6 years, in this time proving her ability to develop absolute beginners into successful athletes. Prior to finding BJJ, Sarah spent 5 years training in Traditional Jujitsu, where she was undefeated in sparring and ne-waza (ground fighting) competitions, winning multiple national championships.

Sarah will be sharing with us some of her knowledge on the BJJ Guard position. The Guard is a fundamental position in both BJJ and Judo (where it is known as ‘do-osae’ or ‘do-jime’, for the closed variation). With knowledge of this position a player can control, reverse, and submit a stronger and aggressive opponent regardless of size or athletic ability.  Sarah Merriner will show us the essentials of this position: how to use it to your best advantage and how to defeat and pass the guard of your opponent.   Under 12yo can only attend the first half of the seminar, as in the second half Sarah will  be teaching us some submissions.


Judo Seminar with 2012 GB Judo Olympic Team member Danny Williams – Sunday 30 April 2017 – 2-4:30 pm

Danny Williams

We are delighted to host a seminar with one of the most talented judoka ever to represent British Judo internationally: Danny Williams. Danny competed in the men’s 73kg event in the 2012 London Olympics, winning gold in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. But Danny is not just an accomplished competitor. He is also a qualified coach, is actively involved with the England Junior Judo programme, and is currently studying sports coaching at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. So he brings to our mats top level competition experience and coaching skills. A seminar not to be missed!


Modern Pankration Seminar with Mickey Papas, Head Coach of Team Titan – Saturday 14 January – 3-5 pm (seminar to be rescheduled soon)


We have the privilege of hosting a seminar with one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts in the UK, Mickey Papas , Head Coach and founder of the renowned Titan Gym, one of the most respected MMA gyms in Europe and internationally. Prior to embarking in a uniquely successful career as an MMA coach, Mickey Papas competed and coached in Pankration, the combat sport that first allowed him to hone the multitude of martial skills and training methodologies that, refined over the years, he now imparts to pro and amateur fighters in the UK and around the world.

Mr Papas will be offering us a taste of what modern Pankration and MMA encompass. The main focus of his seminar will be on efficient (i.e. low risk and high reward) transitions from the striking to the clinch phase of the fight. As grapplers we are of course no strangers to clinching (and whatever comes next). But clinching and grappling – let alone groundfighting – when striking is factored in, require a considerable number of minor and major adjustments to our grappling techniques, and a wide range of defensive and offensive strategies that, quite frankly, most pure grapplers don’t possess. This seminar is but a first step in the long path one would have to pursue to fill this knowledge gap. But that’s how all journeys start, with a small step.

Note: to attend this seminar you must be 13yo+.


Freestyle Wrestling Seminar with Eric Ciake – Sunday 3 July 2016 – 4-6 pm

Wrestling Seminar.jpg


BJJ Seminar with Wilson Junior – Saturday 6 February 2016 – 3-5 pmWilson Jr Seminar 2016

We have the pleasure of hosting a seminar with one of the pioneers of BJJ in the UK, the legendary Wilson Junior, a 3rd dan black belt under Nelson Solari and Carlson Gracie Jr and the Head Instructor at Carlson Gracie UK, arguably the most successful BJJ team in the UK and one of the top ranking gyms in Europe.

Wilson will teach a mix of gi and no-gi techniques suitable for judoka and bjj practitioners. As well as being a recognised authority in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Wilson is a very accomplished grappler, with a very strong background in wrestling, luta livre, and judo.

Wilson’s teaching style is as brilliant as his BJJ: direct, no frills, and uniquely effective. You can read more about Wilson here or watch the (legendary) ‘This is not Disneyland‘ video (Ossu!).

The seminar costs  £5 for junior and £10 for adult members. Non-members are welcome to join for £5 extra. Juniors can only attend the first hour of the seminar.

If interested contact us at

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